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Thread: Our poor Molly.. i think i may faint

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    Default Re: Our poor Molly.. i think i may faint

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLost View Post
    My wife spoke on the phone today with the orthopedic specialist that our vet sent Molly's xrays to... Molly's hips are fine!

    @sheshistory was correct.. he said bulldogs hips are a bit different then other dogs and hers look 100% normal.

    We are getting her knee's checked out next week but it sounds like the same thing @acarabias is going through with Katara. We saw her limp yesterday after skidding on the tile chasing our other dog. Her leg looked a little 'off' but after a quick second she was back running and jumping like it never happened. It does seem like it pops out of place for a second.. then pops back in.

    Thanks again to everybody on this site!
    Great news! Relatively speaking...of course. Molly is so lucky to have found such loving parents that take special care of her!

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    Default Re: Our poor Molly.. i think i may faint

    I am so glad her hips are fine!! I have been reading about the condition, katara pretty much limps allthe time grde 3 sounds to me Molly is a grade 1 or maybe 2 and surgery is not recommended for her. I alsoread that it could be congenital but also could have been an injury so with Katara and Molly being such active pups And so young I wouldn't scratch injury as a cause.. It sounds like your breeder is great! Mine said she has never had joint problems like this an she was surprised as well she did say her friend that also breeds has used Dasuquin with Msm and says her friends swears by it. My vet said to wait until 1 yr old for supplements and just guve her rynadyl now but I might go back sooner and see what he thibks about this supplement. Also I noticed if she's
    limping very bad just flex and extend the knee and it will put it bck in the socket. Best of luck!!

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    Just be careful lex had started limping a few months ago really bad and we just thought he pulled something. Vet gave us some antiflammatory med and he was fine. Now a few months later after a few more limps we got X-rays done he has hip dysplasia and 2 torn acls. I blame myself everyday for not having X-rays done sooner and catching the first torn acl. Lex is such a big boy and didnt ever show us that he was in pain even when the vet palates hid knees. I'm glad y'all caught this soon and not a few months down the road. Never found any hip dysplasia in his family, but his mom and grand ma died of bone cancer and that scares me if we did do the surgery. We have opted not to do surgery since he had bad hips and knees it would be a very long and hard recovery for him.
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