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Thread: Help!! Bella is chewing my house away!!!

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    Default Re: Help!! Bella is chewing my house away!!!

    I used to think it was mean too to crate a dog. Never ever liked it until we got Wilson and Jack last year and then Emma this year. Wilson has chewed the window ledge, the siding on the house, and part of the floor board molding and that all while we were home. He has a very large crate I got online, 3'x4' that he's in all day for 10 hours. I also have a home monitoring system and you know what he does all day, sleep. I have just begun giving him one day during the weekday when we're at work to roam free. So far so good. Jack my other one year old (pitty) has free roam of the house and he has again destroyed his dog bed. Something about that bed, lol. It's ok though because he's great out and can go outside via the doggy door. I have to close that when Wilson's out if we're not home though, safetly and theft reasons. Emma, she's 5 months now, is also crated. She's quite a bit more active than Wilson so I feel guilty at times when I check in on them on my phone but you know what, they're just hunky dory. Wilson and Jack always always go into their crate to just sleep at times, it's their own 'go-to-spot' so to speak.

    Crate and do not feel guilty at all!! Oh and to EBN!!!
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    Default Re: Help!! Bella is chewing my house away!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by stacyhynum View Post
    seems so mean to keep her cooped up in a crate for 9 hours...haha i guess ppl do it all the time though, its ok...
    I couldn't crate them all day while I was at work either, so I made the kitchen/dining room the "Doggie Zone" until they were older and could be trusted. I did this using puppy gates. Both Bea and Bo took their turns chewing on the bread drawer as wee pups --- but other than that....the cabinetry made it unscathed. I just applied "Bitter Yuck" to that drawer after that and they left it --- and all the others -- alone. Their crates were part of the zone and they spent most of their time, sleeping in them by the way. (Of course they did!)

    Oddly enough, last night, I caught Bea chewing on the end table. I almost fainted. I never expected that! A quick correction (this ACK noise I make) and she stopped.

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