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Thread: Adopted a 3 year old bulldog and have questions.

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    Default Re: Adopted a 3 year old bulldog and have questions.

    @jw570, Sorry it took so long to respond! I also applaud you for bringing this girl into your home and giving her a real bullie life. We want nothing more than happy cuddly bullies but sometimes we have to teach them how to be that way. Even though she is 3, she still needs to learn those basics. This will be based on 2 and patience. She has 3 years of no socialization so it maybe take some time. I would leave her crate open to let her explore at her own comfort level. My foster, Sugar Boo was also 3 when she came to me. She lived her entire life in a cage. She had no idea what affection was, what toys were, she would look at me like "why are you touching me?" try to make her interactions positive....walks are a good bonding exercise. when you praise her...use affection not just treats. Over time that bond will develop. Sugar Boo has been with me almost 11 months now and I wake up to bullie kisses, she seeks affection and I come home to a happy bullie dance. Its taken some time but its soooooo worth it!
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