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Thread: the truth about Pet Foods article

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    Default the truth about Pet Foods article

    this is amazing in her article today , she writes,
    "I had alerted my customers to the potential risks of the chicken jerky treats from China when it first came to light 5 years ago.
    Independent Pet Store Owner Jo Bighouse - Midas Touch Health Food in Berryville, VA - recently took a strong stance. She cleared her store of any pet food or treat that has ingredients sourced from China. Many other independents have done the same.

    Jo shared the decision to remove all pet food/treat products made in China has been evolving since 2007.
    "Then I read your Truth About Pet Food newsletter reporting the China imports that were refused entry into the US because they tested positive for melamine, including shortbread cookies for human consumption. This began a series of questions in my mind: Are we, pets and people, consuming melamine on a regular basis without realizing it? Could the bladder cancer, kidney stones, crystals, and renal failure many of our pets are experiencing be a result of on-going melamine exposure? As the daughter of a stage-four kidney failure patient I have first-hand exposure to the world of dialysis. I was shocked to see the number and age range of the dialysis patients. Is melamine involved? I don't have any answers and I am not jumping to conclusions, I just have many questions."

    please sign up and read here articles, do not believe the package of food!!! they spend a fortune to deceive you !!!!
    If you have a question regarding dog food, or behavior! call or e-mail me anytime.
    Linda Parks

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    Default Re: the truth about Pet Foods article

    Scary stuff thinking that something people give their pets because they love them, could actually be bad for them.

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    Default Re: the truth about Pet Foods article

    This is very interesting and I'd love to read more. Can you provide a link or something? I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't know who "Jo" is. I agree with you and share her curiosity! Thanks @Lindathedogsmaid. Say hi to the Dungeones Spit for me will you? I love it where you are!

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    Yes please give us more information

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