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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnyboy View Post
    If there is one thing I could change about Gunny would be him being stubborn. I call him and he comes when he"s ready and the more you call him the more he ignores me everything is on his terms, but if the kids did it they would be in trouble, (double standard ) well I fixed the problem. I don"t call him anymore. What would you change on your Bullie
    LOL! MR. D is the same way, about coming in at night. I give him one last roam in the yard before bedtime in the crate, and he won't come in without a lot of babying/coaxing him out from under the patio table. THE SO gets mad and says leave him out for the night, lol, but I always manage to get his butt back in the crate, where he ends up snoring within 5 mins after eating his biscuit 'til morning, when he doesn't want to come out, and will pretend to be asleep (shuts his eyes when I go to open the crate, opens them when I back up and he thinks I am gone) hahah! He's a night owl.

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    lol....some one called what Gunny has "Selective Hearing" said that was what their bully had in a past post and I thought that was right on!!! Other than Cooprs health I wold change his shedding. i wish bullies didn't shed so I cold snuggle anytime even if I was about to leave the house in a good outfit that was black and I didn't want coop hairs all over it. And I wouldn't have to vaccuum hair up everyday! That's it just the shedding.........o and I wish he could scoop up his own or go in the pot so I didn't have t go outside and clean it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einstein the Great View Post
    I sometimes wish Einstein didn't think that anyone that comes through our door is there to see him. He won't leave visitors alone! Shouldn't complain. At least he is friendly to everyone.
    They ARE there to see him. You're just the host

    I'm pretty sure everyone already knows what I'd change about my Abby

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