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I'm in a hurry to get to work, but the play biting was bad for us at 10 weeks also when we got our pup. Consistency with a "shht" to mark unwanted behavior and then replace with a bone or something he can bite and we seen a major decrease in 2 weeks. He lost 4 teeth now at 4 months old and is starting again but we are consistently correcting and bringing him through it.

Always, always try to keep calm submissive behavior from him and don't pet or reward jumping, excited, unwanted behavior. If he doesn't listen play time stops on your demand not his.

Hope that works for you.

I would only add that children need to learn how to play with dogs also. I would not encourage the "tug of war" over toys. There are better ways to manage that. As @AliceKable said - the squealing and running around doesn't allow you to control of the dog's excitement which in turn controls the level of play. Over-excitement is not the pup's fault - it's the people's fault - particularly with a puppy who's just learning the rules at your house. The method of control (coins, water bottle, whatever) and the rules around when that control is used should be monitored closely also. Does a toddler, say, have the maturity to know when it's appropriate to squirt a puppy in the face with a water bottle? I doubt it.