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Thread: Troubles with training.

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    Default Re: Troubles with training.

    Quote Originally Posted by Davidh View Post
    It is a dominance thing, he thinks he rules the house. There are several ways to control this. You may want to get Cesar Millan's book on dog training, or take him to a professional trainer. You have to become the alpha in the pack and make him see he is not. Another way is the "you have to earn everything" way. I have not used this, but several peeps on here do and have had success with it. I do Cesar's way most of the time. Just be consistant with which ever way you decide to train.
    David is right. Spot on.

    The Dog Whisperer's season opener this year on Nat Geo describes an English Bulldog JUST AS YOU HAVE. He's dominant and ruled his people. He was obsessive with the door and a bit to assertive (even aggressive) with visitors. This is not an easy fix. But it's possible with much commitment.

    Watch that video and then go learn everything you can about being a pack leader to your controlling bully. This scenario is typical of the dogs we see at rescue. Don't let your Rocky become a statistic! Please look to this board for support. The problem is you - not your dog: and i mean that in the most loving way possible! Ask anyone!

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    Default Re: Troubles with training.

    Yes this is all very true I do beleive it to be my fault as i baby him to much!.. I have started to watch the clip with the bulldogs and the dog whisper and i am happy to say rocky in NOT like that at all!.. he is only seen him like that once when someone rushed to fast to my daughter. But I still plan to watch it all get pointers and work really hard on making him even more lovable to everyone.
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