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Gunny loves bath time...you tell him ally oop and he jumps right in the bath tub...I run the water all over him and scrub him really good...and then he sits down and starts to go to sleep...I nudge him a few times before he stands back up and I continue to scrub all over and dont you know it he sits back down...ok so I rinse what I can rinse while he is sitting and then I give him the nudge again and he is up and I rinse the underneath parts...Tom likes taking a hot bath once in awhile instead of showers all the time...well I was in the other and I heard Tom yell, CONNIE I thought well maybe he needs a towel or something I went in and what do you know Gunny is in the tub with Tom...He jumped in before Tom could stop him...there he sat with a look on his face that said, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT ??? Of course that was the end of Toms bath...It is always something different with Gunny everyday...nothing surprises me anymore with Gunny and his dad...
That's hysterical!!!

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