Reading these posts is making me cry. Because I totally understand! I love Paisley with allllllllll my heart! She's an amazing, special, sweet, wonderful doggie. She makes us laugh, she keeps us warm, and she keeps us from taking life too seriously. She's my son's best friend, and sister. My son's dad and I divorced when he was 6. His dad had two children from before we met, who lived with us before my son was even born. In the space of that year that we divorced, my son's older half brother went to live with his mom so my son lost him. His dad no longer lived with us, so he lost a piece of that. My son's older half sister stayed with us since his dad deployed all the time, but, when his dad got a stateside job, she went to go live with her dad, so he lost her in his everyday life. Then, I got a new job in a new city, so we sold our house and moved. Through all of this, of course, I am there, but a child needs more than just their parent. They need someone to confide in. Someone to be there, anytime you need a hug. He has Paisley. She's the only one who knows his brother, and dad, and sister, like he does. None of his friends here have ever met his brother or dad. She has been his very very best friend. Most people would say I'm crazy saying that. But, once you've had "that dog", that one that knows you, the one that you belong to, and were meant for, you understand it. We say things, and share things, that we don't even know how to share. They understand us without words.

Paisley isn't my dog, she's Daniels dog. My heart is owned by my Ali. It's been four years since I could run my hands through her coat, and smell her Bio Groom conditioner on my pillow, but I know she'll be at the bridge for me. In the meantime, Princess Paisel Poof is a blessing! She was the new baby our family needed