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Thread: Need help with my english bulldog

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    Default Need help with my english bulldog

    Hi i have some problem on AyeMa. This all started about a month and a half ago when i change the "POTTY PATCH" that she have been using since like day 3 that we got her.We first use puppy pad then we decided to give it a try and she always go on it like she knew that it was her toilet,never had a problem.We switch it out to the "UGODOG" which is technically the same thing but without the top layer which is fake grass.Because the grass layer got to smelly.Well since then she been having problem like where to urinate or BM.So me and my GF decided to train her to use it the one time she cant refuse to go ,THE MORNING lol.In the morning we tell her to go on it and command "Do your stuff"(which is her cue),but i know shes confuse bcuz its new so i normally stay there with her for about 20-30 minutes and when she cant hold it no more and go,WE PRAISE her and everything.She caught on really fast and go everymorning like a good dog.And in the afternoon and at night we take her for a walk because she been urinating and BM in the house on stuff she knows she not suppose to like the bed and then hide.Im just slowing showing her ,her new potty.(PLEASE NOTE :ever since we got her,she knows to use the inside potty and when we take her out she also know to go.She always know thats there are a toilet inside and outside for her to use.Never have a problem and make mistakes.Just wanna let you know,because i know some people based their dogs potty time to be ONLY INSIDE or OUTSIDE).Each time we take her for a walk which is about 30-45minutes and she urinate and Bm about 2-3 times each times we take her out. So i dont know why she even have enough in her stomach to just urinate or BM like that.We figure she might be hungry because we read about it,but she eat normallywith her hours.
    But then about a month ago,my gf kept saying that AyeMa been acting up when she dont get treats.Like she just throw a tantrum or just eliminate her waste anywhere.At first i thought shes just overeacting and that shes just confuse on where to eliminate because this all happen when im not home.But aftere 2 weeks of her been trying to tell me i saw that my GF was eating a cracker and AyeMa kept wanting it but when my gf finished .AyeMa went up about 6 inches away from my0 GF head and took a dump right there and ran.I love my EB so much that i kept telling her that she just might couldnt hold it no more. But today i was eating a cookie and yea she was expecting some from me but i couldnt let her get any because it was chocolate.And when i threw away the wrapper and close the door and went back into my room.Then when she notice i had nothing in my hand she just took a dump right in front of my face and ran under the bed afterwards.Thats when i got angry at her.I mean this happen to me once before too,just didnt want to share with my girlfriend. Because AyeMa been acting up to her because my girl wont give her treats no more because shes been misbehavoring.It happened when i was on the bed with her and she wanted me to play tug-a-war with her.And i said no,and not even 2 second later when i turned around i saw her urinating and ran under the bed and when i caught her she ran into her crate and faced the otherway...i was trying to get her out and when i notice that she was shaking and when i saw the look in her eyes that she was really scared.Thats why i didnt wanna tell my GF.Because she spend more time at home while im at work.
    My GF also stated that AyeMa dont follow her no more because she limited her treats cuz of the way she acted.And that she followed me around more cuz i give her treats.But after this happened to me today.It made me think about the other time when i didnt play with her....
    And when she do this,she just get crated in the other room by herself.

    Okay so the question is, is the transition of the "POTTY PATCH" to the "UGODOG" that cause her the confusion of where to go?
    Or is it her telling us that if she dont get what she want,then she is gunna act this way?

    i need some help on her ,were getting very frustrated of how many time we doin laundry a week. and how to fix this

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    Default Re: Need help with my english bulldog

    Well..I have no experience with using an inside potty. I have heard the use of these is ultimately a problem because of the confusion your dog will have to go through when it's "Big Dog Time!" what I would do is start inside potty at all. I would use a crate and treat her like a new pup. Don't get frustrated with her or angry. Don't punish her..just positive reinforcement. Take her out every 30 minutes to potty. Or immediately after playing or eating. I would leash her and keep her tethered to you at all times when she is out of the crate. If you see her going..say stop..get her outside ASAP. When she goes..praise her to the heavens. Remember..these bad habits started with you. I believe you start from the beginning training the puppy with the outcome being...the grown dog you want. Good's not too late. Good luck..remember..patience and love. And you have that already!

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    Default Re: Need help with my english bulldog

    It's just the change. You trained her one way and on one thing and then you changed it up so she is confused...anyway of going back to the potty patch...maybe just having to replace it with a new one, once it's to the point of smelly......I don't have any experience with inside potty thing either..Why do you use the inside potty??? Is outside not always available. If it is that you are gone for a good part of the day she should be able to hold it. Both my dogs go outside to potty, I am home with them all day but I know they can hold it all day also! I would say figure something different out because seems to me she does like the new Ugodog thing. Dogs are dogs and when you train them one way and then change it up they are confused. But to make her stay on it for 20-30 minutes until she does doesn't sound much fun for you or her. He peeing on other things is her way of telling you she is confused and she doesn't like her new toilet Best of luck....I am sure others will give your some tips!

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