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Thread: Boarding in Toronto & GTA

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    Default Boarding in Toronto & GTA

    Morning Bully buddies!

    This question is specific for my neighbours in Toronto and GTA.

    Hubby and I are going away with my family for a week in March to Florida, and now my sitter for Guinness has fallen through. Normally my family watches her, but they are coming with us. Hubby's family aren't "dog people" and won't watch her (don't get me started LOL).

    So I'd like to see if there are recommendations from you for boarding facilities. I'd prefer not to use a kennel. Preferably one of those in-home care places.

    Please share your experiences if you have any. I'm in a bit of a pickle with this one!

    Much appreciated

    Katie & Guinness

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    Default Re: Boarding in Toronto & GTA

    Hi There! I'm not sure where in Toronto you're located but I went away and left Sumo with Leash & Paws. Ingrid the owner was so great! She has a bulldog mix of her own so i felt comfortable leaving Sumo with her. She's a dog walker so Sumo got lots of exercise. I also found that she was cheaper than other places.

    Here is her website:

    you can let her know that Lindsay and Sumo referred you
    Goodluck finding something!

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    Default Re: Boarding in Toronto & GTA

    Stig and Punkin are regulars to this one doggie daycare. They love it there, so I love it there! lol. I'll pm you the site and details.
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    Default Re: Boarding in Toronto & GTA

    Thank you both very much. We are right in the downtown core, but I don't mind traveling a little to ensure the best for my little GuinneyPig!

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