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Thread: Harness/collar make my baby bully so sad!

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    Default Re: Harness/collar make my baby bully so sad!

    @thomasgrecojr He is sooo cute!!! And that look is priceless!!! Mocha will do the same thing whenever I put clothes on her. She wont move, and she will just look like she is about to die!!!
    If I was you I would just put the harness on him for a few minutes before you are about to take him for a walk.Also offer him a treat while you are putting his harness on. Mocha doesnt wear a harness at home ever.Thats the way she likes it.
    Good luck

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    Default Re: Harness/collar make my baby bully so sad!

    So happy to hear that Scotch is not the only one that does these things...this is so funny. He is our first bully and I am officially a Bully guy for life - their personalities are the BEST. I am going to continue to work with him and let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the advice.

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