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Thread: Need some suggestions for being tactful...

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    Default Re: Need some suggestions for being tactful...

    Before i tell this story i should say i love cats...

    This *friend* of mine, lets call him 'TheFost', Had two Australian Cattle dogs that LOVED cats. 'TheFost' had raised these dogs with 3 indoor cats that would actually play with the dogs (jump on them, chase the dogs around.. that type of stuff). But life happens and the Dogs and Cats got a divorce and went separate ways (cats with wife.. dogs with 'fost').

    Flash-Forward a year or two... The Dogs and 'Fost' are re-married and living in his new wife's house while they are building a new home. A neighbors cat jumps into the back yard to play with the dogs! The dogs are so excited to have a new kitty friend they spend hours and hours playing... playing to the point where the kitty got sleepy. Very, Very, Very sleepy...

    The 'fost' comes home from work to find the dogs laying next to the kitty, barking and whining, trying to wake the kitty up to play again. The dogs new mommy is worried what the neighbors will do when they find out how 'sleepy' their cat is. After a long discussion with the other neighbors on the street it was decided the cat would be moved to a field next to owners house so it could continue its nap.

    It turns out there have been a few altercations with this cat's owners and the neighborhood. Like the original poster, this cat was causing LOTS of problems with other people. Police and Animal control where involved a few times... The other neighbors where worried what would happen to "Fosts" dogs if the owner found out they played with the kitty.

    So the cat was moved to the field to 'rest' under a tree... A few neighbors brought treats over to the dogs congratulating them on playing with that particular kitty. Nobody ever said anything again... The 'Fost' and his wife felt guilty .

    Flash forward 3 months... Its the 4th of July.. The neighborhood is having a big firework party out in the street. It's dark, people are sitting in lawn chairs gibber-jabbing, kids are running around with sparklers.

    A dark shape starts crawling around the crowed... The 'Fosts' wife lets out a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM... everybody turns to see the sleeping kitty (now-non-sleeping) standing in front of everybody! Another neighbor falls out of her chair at the sight of the cat.

    The cat turns towards the crowd... gives a nasty growl and hiss... then runs off into the night.

    The 'fost' and his wife eventually move into their new home in a different city. They still go to the old neighborhood Christmas party every year.. And every year some old neighbor tells the legend of 'the sleepy kitty'. It seems the kitty is still seen walking around that street every now and then... but it has never set foot in that yard again.

    The moral of this story... Your life will be much simpler if you just move .

    PS. True story... The wife still has nightmares about that damn cat!

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    Default Re: Need some suggestions for being tactful...

    @TheLost -- ok you just gave me the heebie jeebies.

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    Default Re: Need some suggestions for being tactful...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bizzymammabee View Post
    @2BullyMama -- I swear it was crazy how that cat stalked my dad's dog. The funniest thing is that he never had any cat issues. That cat lived to torment him I think. I remember being over one father's day, trouble was laid out in the sun on his back, enjoying his little doggie dreams, when out of no where this cat launched itself from the top of the fence onto him. It was like a crazy cartoon scene. Poor dog just cried until we shooed the cat away with the hose. Guess eventually he ran out of doggie patience. The cat had to be nuts, this dog is huge. If I didn't know him there is no way I would enter their house.
    I had a similar situation -- my cat and my sister's German Shepard -- they would do a lot of the same thing you say. Duke would be sleeping and Tasha would jump from the stairs right on his back -- and the chase would begin for hours.
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