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Thread: More Crate Training Fun!

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    Default More Crate Training Fun!

    So Opie, who will be 10 weeks old on Monday, has been peeing in his crate every day and night for about the last week. We got him at 8 weeks and with us waking up every 2 hours he was not soiling it every night for the first few nights, but now for some reason he is. The crate is divided and theres just enough room for him to turn around in it and lay down. I just took him out for one of his nightly pees and when i got downstairs his blanket was wet. I retrieved a new one and as soon as I lay it down he ran into his crate and peed on it, right in front of me!! I still brought him out and he peed outside like he always does. Is this a marking thing? I took away all blankets after this and put him back into a bare bottom crate but he was screaming so much that my girlfriend got another blanket for him and he shut up immediately.

    During the day he goes out almost every 30 minutes while awake and can go about 2-3 hours while asleep. I returned to work this week and we have a walker that comes every 3 hours while we are out and he has been peeing his bed almost every day now, which he was not originally doing. I want to help him get this and stop having to wash him cause he smells like pee, thanks for the suggestions!!

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    Default Re: More Crate Training Fun!

    He's too little to be "marking". He's just a baby.

    Has he had his first wellness check with the vet? I'd make sure there's no medical reason - like a urinary tract infection, for example before this continued on much longer. It seems excessive to me. Animals urinate in odd places to raise a paw for: "I'm not feeling right!"

    Others with more experience in this area will chime in. Fortunately, I've not had this problem with either of my hounds.

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