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Thread: Delilah Got Attacked at the Dog Park Today.

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    Default Re: Delilah Got Attacked at the Dog Park Today.

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    Default Re: Delilah Got Attacked at the Dog Park Today.

    Dog Parks is really much like children's playgrounds. A few visits to the park/playground kinda teaches you how to identify problem dogs/kids. So that, when you see these guys, you'll be prepared to do what is necessary to protect your kids.

    I love dog parks just like I love people parks. Some are better than others, that's for sure - usually because of the "clientele" that frequents the park. I've been to a dog beach that has poop all over the sand. Seems like nobody bothers to pick up after themselves even with the signs and plastic baggies and trash bins all over the place! And then I've been to a park that is completely poop free. Usually, the parks are somewhere in between - a few poop-leavers but usually only in the less-travelled areas. And interestingly, the amount of poop in a park also coincides with the behavior of the dogs in the park... only my own observation, of course, no scientific statistical data to back it up!

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    Default Re: Delilah Got Attacked at the Dog Park Today.

    Thanks everyone for all of your kind words. Delilah is doing good.
    I've been still taking her to the park because it's been so nice out. I was leery to take her, but I wanted to make sure that she didn't become fearful. The first couple of times back she got really anxious and skittish around the bigger dogs and would snap at them. But now she's doing just fine with all the dogs again unless they try to start something with her, which is good. I think we're in the clear with her not turning aggressive. Phew, I was worried.

    Also..I have nothing against Pit Bulls. I love 'em. I'll be the first person to tell you that I hate breed bias and prejudice..I absolutely cannot stand breed bans. I've done lots of research on that and have used it for many a research paper and speeches in my speech class. hate hate hate it. It's the person, not the dog. I just wanted to state what kind of dog it was that went after Delilah. It was way bigger and hard for me to pull off.

    @Biogirl71 I would love to have a playdate with Frank and Delilah!!

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