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Thread: My Bully has issues with Blues Diva's on TV

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    Default My Bully has issues with Blues Diva's on TV

    The other day I put the TV on the Blues station on cable TV. I do that on occasion and break out the bass to play along and get some good practice in.
    Pepper was with me and just lying on the carpet kicked back and taking in my riffs. On these music station they show pics of the singers and such and a bit of bio while the song is playing.
    I was playing along for a while and I offhandedly noted that when Etta James song was playing Pepper sat up and stared at the Screen and started huffing and barking. I didn't think much of it and pretty much ignored it. some time later another Black woman singer was belting out a song and Pepper went into her act again, staring, huffing and barking. That got me a bit perplexed and I was like" what the heck is with this dog?" Some time later ANOTHER black woman comes on and she goes right back at it. Thing I noted was they were all large Black women singers with wigs on.Hmmmmmmmm
    So I contact my friend who gave me Pepper and asked him if maybe there was a Black woman that fit the descrip that was maybe real nice to her or something.
    What I was told had me busting a gut

    Seems when she was 4Months Old he had her and her mum and his other bully out behind a sound studio in the loading area. He had them there out the way while some concert or something was going on. A certain female entertainer( can't mention name) came out the back door and was standing on that metal ramp that trucks use to unload pallets into buildings. She had a deep fear of dogs and when she saw those 3 Bullys she went into histerics , yelling, screaming and jumping on the ramp. Yup , she was a rather large Black woman with a wig on.
    Now the Bullys could not get to her as they were in the lot and she was up on the loading platform but them Bully
    s stood there watching her act up and they would yip and yammer and bark as he guessed they figured she was playing with them or something .

    TO THIS DAY Pepper remembered this scene from when she was 4 months old. So NOW everytime I play along on Bass on the blues station on cable she starts barking and carrying on again.

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    Default Re: My Bully has issues with Blues Diva's on TV

    I guess she thought the singer was playing with her ..... bulldogs must be like elephants ... they remember everything!!

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    Default Re: My Bully has issues with Blues Diva's on TV

    Once they have something in their head -- the OCD kicks in
    There is a part of your heart not alive until a bulldog has entered your lif

    Nitschke (2004-2011) and Banks (2005-2014) -- My angels
    Thank you for all the love, fun and teachings

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    Default Re: My Bully has issues with Blues Diva's on TV

    OMG - what a tale! I absolutely believe it too. Mable didn't like those M&M characters on the commercial on TV. Everytime they came on, it was hysterics; barking and jumping AT the TV.

    Too funny.

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