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Thread: Can Bulldogs Tell Time ?

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    Default Re: Can Bulldogs Tell Time ?

    Yes they can tell time... BUT they only read analog clocks. After all, they can't read numbers so digital ones would be useless.

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    Default Re: Can Bulldogs Tell Time ?

    Orion knows when it's feeding time and could care less about anything else that is on a schedule. Vegas cares about bedtime and what time his people are coming home. Since I work retail, my schedule is never the same. I USUALLY get home around 6ish. If I happen to work a closing shift, Vegas pouts and waits by the door until I do get home.

    We were a little late feeding the kids last night. I was reading from my new kindle and was not paying attention to the clock. Both Vegas and Orion have learned this nasty nasty trick. Orion goes to the back slider door and barks at it like she has to go potty. I jump up to let her out...she just sits and looks at me. I then glance at the clock and's 20 minutes past 8. 20 minutes past dinner time. Vegas has also done this on occasion. He will hit the door with his front paw and Mark will have to move Orion off his lap to let him out. Vegas will refuse to go out...and as soon as daddy sits back down and before Orion can sit on daddy's lap, Vegas will climb into daddy's lap.
    Daddy usually gets up at 5:30...mommy at 6:30 to 7:00. If it's the weekend, Vegas will nudge at his dad until Mark gets frustrated and yells..."it's the weekend jackass!"
    Vegas can tell time...but could care less about what day of the week it is.

    The time change was horrible. Orion freaked out for an hour. We also had to 'ease' her into the new tim

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    Rocks knows dinner time....but if I wake him before 10am...because my work schedule is a little earlier he looks at me with one eye ball like's not 10am....!!! We're lAzy bummssss at this time!!!

    Also it was a shocker to him when I started to work again after being home with him since he was a baby to a year old...we would sleep in til 12pm sometimes....ooohhhh it was the life....😊🐶 I have to admit sometimes I miss being lazy with him....with a new puppy lazy days r OVER....!!!!😜


    JAX n RoCky

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