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Thread: Woman attacked my english bulldog!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Woman attacked my english bulldog!!!!!!!!

    you and I both know that the English are sweet dogs , but so many think that the English Bulldogs are the same as a Olde Bulldogee, and that is just a mix breed PIT MIX and they are giving our sweet English a bad name !!! SO-- try this when asked what kind of dog you have --tell them a British Bulldog-------everyone knows that it is not a fighting dog. good luck.let us know if this works better, But also , ask if you can bring your dogs to meet her , instead of telling her. what I always did was ask if I might stop by and ask a few questions about the house/apartment. but plan to take your dog on a leash when you go to the door, and she will see how quiet, and sweet they are, I used to have 3 . and they were so well behaved , that I never ever used a leash when I did this, it gives a wonderful demonstration of behavior, and I never had a problem . try it . with a leash IF your dog isn't 100% trust worthy to behave.
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    Default Re: Woman attacked my english bulldog!!!!!!!!

    i think once people hear the world Bulldog, they freak out and assume its a dangerous dog, thats what i thought before i knew about english bulldogs

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