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Thread: Urination/bladder control problems.

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    thanks for all the feedback guys. I started Brixton on apple cider vinegar yesterday and things have been great. I am going to go back to keeping him in a pen during the day. I'm so happy that he's going potty back on a regular basis. I had a mini panic attack over the whole thing. I was having stress nightmares that he was sick. ugh I'm so glad that things seem back to normal. Of course if things are acting up again I'll end up taking him into the vet to make sure there isn't another problem.

    P.S. it's a pain in the butt getting Brixton to eat food with apple cider vinegar on it.

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    Default Re: Urination/bladder control problems.

    Glad to hear Brixton is doing better. Taking one step back in training was surely just what he needed.

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