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Thread: Training your Bulldog.

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    Does Bo have other distractions that will cause him to bolt, but aren't as over stimulating as squirrels. If you have a milder distraction that you can work with Bo on then it will be easier to build his focus. Once he conquers the mild distraction you can graduate him to a medium distraction etc. Martingale collars don't have to be used with a jerk correction. If properly fit and you lift up(like you're trying to lift the dog off the ground with it) it will restrict airflow and take the dominance drive out of the dog giving him a chance to start hearing and understanding your commands.

    If you decide that you want to fallow any training advice that I give please take the due diligence to inform yourself on the proper techniques and methods for safe and humane use of the products that I recommend. Find a good local trainer that can help teach you how to implement these tools and crate a better bond between you and your loved furry family.

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    Default Re: Training your Bulldog.

    @kayrahbear - awesome! Bo is a treat snatcher too. (so many things to work on with that boy)

    @hooligan - Since he's not quite 11 months, he's pretty easily distracted. I'm quite certain I couldn't purposefully restrict airflow. I don't have it in me.(He'll do it to himself with a flat collar...ugh)

    The most annoying thing right now (in public) is this: everytime he sees another dog he acts like he's never EVER seen one before and he'll DIE if he cannot get to them. He's had play dates and he's been to daycamp once so far and he loves to play and responds appropriately (eventually) when the other dogs set boundaries. (Very early on, I saw a teeny tiny Pomeranian put him in his place and it was a DEELIGHT to watch. Lesson: dogs come in all sizes and none of them appreciate being mounted. He's still learning that lesson everytime he meets a new dog.)

    Right now, for me, I'm working on my energy (calm assertive - not frustrated) and my own consistency.

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