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Thread: How Old Until You Neuter An English Bulldog

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    Default Re: How Old Until You Neuter An English Bulldog

    my vet told me after 6 months as well. Watson is 8.5 months and he is getting neutered in a couple of weeks. I wanted to hold off as long as as could so his body could fill out and have more of the bully look but I gave in because he is starting to mark. He hasn't quite picked up his leg but he will walk next to a bush and lean his wee wee over and pee in the bush. It is actually very funny looking.

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    Default Re: How Old Until You Neuter An English Bulldog

    I asked the same thing, my first English Bulldog raised his leg and higher so bigger dogs can smell it, but my English Bulldog that I recently have doesn't do that, vet said not all do and it's normal anybody know about this? Also, is a year and 6 months too long? On the safe side, I'm going to wait for a year. More suggestions will be appreciated thanks.
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