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Thread: Wondering about training methods.

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    Default Wondering about training methods.

    I'm trying to read up on different training methods. Do people here have a specific program that they enjoy or do you just go by a basic concept a wing it. I've read a lot and have become pretty familiar with +R, clicker, and corrective training methods. It seems like the +R groups really hate corrective methods and use a lot of harsh words like bullying, intimidating, cruel. I think that corrective methods can be useful if used properly.

    I know bulldogs can be quite stubborn and I plan on using tons of +R to help motivate my dog, but I'm not opposed to corrective if there are behavioral issues that need to be corrected. Are there any tips that I should keep in mind when working with a bulldog and how to keep him motivated during training sessions.


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    Default Re: Wondering about training methods.

    We employ +R using the clicker. The trick to training is consistency and immediate acknowledgement of good behavior. A dog's attention span is quite short so that if there's a delay between the good behavior and the reward, then a dog may take a relatively longer time associating the two. That's why we use the clicker - it sinks in to the dog's understanding much faster.

    Winging it can work - but it's harder to be consistent if you're just winging it. Every member of the household who interacts with the dog will have to be on the same page so that if you use the command "Lay" to tell the dog to lie down, then your spouse issues the command "Lay Down" for the same behavior, it becomes inconsistent and the dog's response to either command will be delayed. So, it is better to plan out these things. We also use hand signals to go with the vocal commands so that if, for instance, you're talking to somebody and you want to issue a command to the dog, you won't have to interrupt your conversation, you can just use the hand signals.

    We don't bother with tricks. We just teach the dog the basic things necessary for good manners and do it over and over - even when they're older, we still reinforce the basic stuff all throughout his life.

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    Default Re: Wondering about training methods.

    Beat on a Bully one time too many and they lose all trust in you. The breed does not tolerate it at all. I think that People who resort to beating ,intimidating and cruelty in any dog do so because they want a dog they totally control to satisfy their ego.

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