-missy-jpgMissy! This pretty girl has a nasty tail pocket that has been impossible to keep infection free. The specialist explained why based on the X-rays and she is having for surgery for tail amputation. She also has ortho problems with grade 4 (bad) luxation and arthritis in her knees. The surgical prognosis would be very poor for improvement in her case. The tail issue has a good prognosis for improving her quality of life. More info to come...
Update: Missy had a successful tail amputation surgery and is recovering! HOW TO ADOPT:

Here is the site for Buddies thru Bullies.

Thank you so much for taking the time and considering one of these orphan Bulldogs.

If you are interested in adopting, go to http://www.buddiesthrubullies.org/ and fill out an application.

To view more Bulldogs for adoption through Buddies thru Bullies, click the link below:

Note: the above link is the best way of obtaining info on available bulldogs as it is updated more frequently at the present time. (10/31/13)


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