Estimated Age: Young
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My owners decided to cover me with grease and then dump me at an ashpalt company to live under an 18 wheeer truck for 2 WEEKS! Thanks goodness Adopt a Bull and Sandy found me

On Monday Mango donated a little more blood for another round of tests. He is heartworm positive. When he has been on his current antibiotics for a month, the doctors will consider starting heartworm treatment. Mango's right ear was treated with a EKT Ear Antibiotic. This is a one-time, lasts two weeks, treatment. His right ear is so badly infected, and swollen, the regular ear drops weren't reaching deep enough. He has had previous trauma to that ear, including an ear hematoma. This was not treated, so his right ear "curls" a little and has thickening in the tissue. There is a small growth (cycst) on the outside of the ear, which will be dealt with later. Although Mango urinates a lot and drinks a lot of water, the protein in is urine is still high. Also, there are white and red blood cells. He may have a kidney issue, or this may resolve itself, in time. He has a very low magnesium count. We will begin supplements for this. The Ciprofloxacin antibiotic eye drops are working well. The antibiotic he is on currently is Doxy 250mg twice daily. He is underweight so his food will be increased. The good news is, he is happy, content, relaxed and loved dearly!

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