Name: Mr. Frenchie
Estimated Age: 1 year old puppy
Adoption Status: This dog is is available for Adoption!

Brief Description:
Adopt-A-Bull Rescue was presented with a very unique opportunity today by our local high-kill animal shelter. We were given the choice to save a dog, a dog desperately in need of immediate care due to injuries sustained by an unknown cause, BUT he’s not an English Bulldog, he is listed by the county as a French Bulldog. Although we have no more available foster homes currently, 2 already boarding at our vet’s office, one living at my law office (Stanley), and the one we got yesterday hiding out at my house (because I’m over my HOA limit), we are taking a HUGE step of faith that the resources necessary to take on this new frenchie and sustain the existing dogs we already have in our program will start to roll in from our special 5th birthday fundraiser that was snail mailed out this past Saturday/Monday. Our facebook followers and supporters are an integral part of our success. Your words of encouragement, cross-postings, and local foster assistance combined with the monetary donations you make to further our rescue efforts are absolutely essential and appreciated! Thank you for your continued support!!! It’s not always comfortable asking for donations, yet I find myself asking again – Would you please help support our newest rescue intake (as of today), our new frenchie boy… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mommie Erica

7-20-12 FRENCHIE UPDATE: Frenchie had a very comfortable, restful night at the vet. Thank goodness. He was so exhausted from the stress of the shelter and the pain of his injuries that he slept in the backseat of Mommie Beth's car almost from the instant we got on the highway yesterday. The bandages have been removed from his body and to our horror it seems that he was either thrown from a moving car or was set on fire. The burns on his right side look so painful!! His right paw also has gnarly injuries including part of his pad being burned or scraped off. He will remain at the vet until at least Monday in order to allow for sterile bandage changes.

7-25-12 Update
: Mr. Frenchie is in great spirits and so very happy in Adopt-A-Bull Rescue foster care! He enjoys receiving lots of love and cuddles just as much as he wants to give them back! He will literally lean his body into your arms with all his weight during cuddle time and melts right into you. He’s turns into a fluffy, Frenchie puddle of love! He is extremely friendly and energetic despite his current condition; he even walks great on a leash! For all this little guy has been thru, it amazes us how well he is adapting to his new life in foster care.

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