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October, 17th 2010. 10:40am

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Mark is watching the Seahawks game...I'm here on EBN and getting my gear together for a photography shoot at noon. Vegas just starts to wander around..pacing. I gave him diazepam last night because he was wandering around. He was also a little on the wild side, so that is another reason for the diazepam. He tends to get "rougher" in personality around seizure time. So, he slept well. He woke me up at 8:30 and we came down and did his morning routine, food and meds. Around 10:30 ish he starts to walk aimlessly. Not really pacing, he's walking all around the house. Vegas doesn't wander unless he has a purpose in mind, so I grabbed my camera a caught him by the front door. This episode was very short.