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Monday, October 4th 6:15am

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After the Seizure on the 25th of Septemeber (saturday) Vegas became ill. Whether it being a virus or not, I'm not sure. It started on Thursday Sept 30th, about 4ish, Vegas threw up. He threw up food from earlier. Then that night he threw up at 10ish. More food and meds. And several times during the night. Friday AM, I decided to not feed him breakfast, but give him meds. He threw them up an hour later. I asked Carol to redose him at noon. She did..he threw up at 12:30. Mark came home and gave him some saltines. He kept them down. We didn't feed him dinner, but medicated him. He kept it all down. So Saturday morning Vegas got 1/4 cup of food and meds. He kept it down, so Mark gave him more at noon. Yay! Back to normal. Here it is Monday morning. Vegas has slept nose to nose with me all night. He had his head on the pillow and was getting irritated that I was taking up so much room (or so I thought) Mark left around 6am and shortly after Vegas got up and flung his neck and head onto my neck and head and left it there. I started to pet him, then he got up and started moving it was very important to get off the bed and out of the room fast. I couldn't move fast enough..he jumped off the bed and went to the bedroom door (which was open a crack) He slammed his nose into it, closing and latching it. By this time, I was at the door, and he was on his side. The seizure that overtook him contained absolutely no face twitching. His body muscles were forcing him into a left circle. I held him upright and about 20 seconds later? Done. It was over. It was weird. This is a new one for Vegas. Never seen one like this before. So, we came downstairs and he paced for about as long as it took me to turn on the computer and log in to EBN. He then pawed at the slider door to go out. He did his business, came inside, climbed onto his kennel and he is out!
Everyone has to work today, so I think I will lock Vegas in his kennel. That is the safest place for him. He won't fall off the top of his kennel or the couch. Poor sweet baby.<3
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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Sorry to hear he had another one so soon...