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September 25th 2010!

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Boy, last night was a tuff one for Vegas. We went to bed at 1130ish. I'm sore and extremely tired...kickboxing again! I've been running late for the last several weeks. Vegas needs to have his meds at 8am and 8pm. 12 hours apart. If I run late leaving for work, I leave his food on the counter and my mom in law will feed him when she gets up. Sometimes that's not till later ....9ish. Then, like this morning, I didn't drag my butt out of bed until, Vegas got his meds an hour late again. I don't know if this can cause an onset of seizures, but we always give it to him twice daily.
Anyways, Vegas got me up about 2am. I think he wanted to go potty, but he would just walk out on the patio and come back in. He did this twice. I was so freaking tired, I just left him downstairs and blocked off the hall with a baby gate. My husband took off about 6ish, and left the gate open so Vegas could come back up. About 630ish he was really nudging me and wanting me out of bed. Finally, I got up and came downstairs....but Vegas stayed at the top. I sat on the stairs and petted his head asking him "Vegas! Baby! Why? Why? Why do you have to wake me up at 630 on my day off?" I found out the answer when I went downstairs. Poor baby had to go number 2. He let me know and I blew him off. He went..then let me know. He didn't get in trouble..I would never punish him for doing it when it was my fault. So, I cleaned it up and went back to bed.
9am comes around and I find Vegas fast asleep in his daddy's chair. He looked a little off. That's the best way to describe it. I fed them both and sat down to pet them. Vegas then took a little pacing walk around the living room and started to stare at the ceiling. So I grabbed my camera and video'd his seizure. Poor baby!