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It was a bully day today

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So Cal Bulldog Rescue is at local Petmarts this weekend. They need towels and blankets right now, at first I was going to just mail some to them because I knew I'd get emotional if I went in there and saw those handsome yet homeless bully faces. Well thankfully for the bullies, my mom had ALOT of towels to give away, I ended up with a big black trash bag full so there was no mailing that. That would just cost too much. So I drove the 20 miles this morning to the closest Petsmart to my house that they are at this weekend. And yep I called it, as soon as I saw those faces I felt it coming on. That feeling in my throat. I didn't even stay to chat and pet the bullies, I really didn't want to start sobbing in the middle of the store. Probably looked like I didn't want to spend some time with everyone. As soon as I got to my car, yep the crying began. I can't help it, I see those faces. Knowing the breed and my samson, how much love and care they need and crave. I just hurt for them!!!!! Well again it's one of those moments when I'm like, am I strong enough to rescue one day? Like when I saw the Manny & Millie pictures and when I saw the before pictures of champ, I cryed like CRAZY!!! My dream is to open a rescue as soon as I am done with school and we get the heck out of California!!!! Get a house with some property, rescue all breeds, probably focus on the ones you see in shelters the most like pitbulls, chihuahuas, german shepherds, etc. Well after I got home it was time to take bubba for his vaccines. As soon as I got there I saw a lady taking her bully out of her car. So OF COURSE we talked. She had just saved this gorgeous girl from a city shelter. Brindle girl, solid brindle to her shoulders, then everything from the neck up was white except a big brindle patch over each eye. She was beautiful!!! Found as a stray and had very visibly been used for breeding. Her new mommy very obviously loved her very much and took very good care of her. Number one we were at my vet which is far from cheap and is excellent. Number 2 she was holding one of those travel water bowls with the bottle attached, the whole back of her subaru was set up for Miss Daphne, a bed, a ramp for her to walk up to get in the car!!!!! After our conversation I thought, this is what its all about, this is where I'll find my strength. So many, people, animals have tough pasts but its never too late to have wonderful future. I want to be apart of making those homeless animals of the world have a bright future :)


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    I love this Tessa <3 Thank you for sharing.
  2. Libra926's Avatar
    Very beautifully said. You've said it well and you've touched on the "hurt" issue that I myself feel when looking at rescue photos.
  3. JAKEISGREAT's Avatar
    Just read this Tessa..beautiful your heart! I'm hoeing to rescue someday too. A bully..we've rescued plenty of non bullies..but I need experience with this "special" breed! And please don't get the heck out of California!! We need you here!