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Sept 4th 2010

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Labor Day weekend. We started packing Wednesday hoping to leave Thursday afternoon. Vegas was very curious about all the activity going on, but didn't seem to be worried. Once his couched was put into the backseat, he knew he was coming along. The 7 hour drive went very smooth. Vegas slept the whole way, only waking when food was around. Vegas wouldn't go pee until we got there, and even then, it took him awhile to go. Vegas was very picky about going poo also. This is the first time he's been this picky about where he goes potty. Friday I took him to the beach. He loved it. He dove face first into the salt water...mouth open. He came up coughing, but was still loving the water. We walked back to camp and Vegas sat in his camp chair, sunning himself dry. He literally "people watched" for hours. That night he slept pretty well until 6am. Vegas had a seizure. He had one when we went camping Memorial day weekend also. The last time he was playing in the Ocean, he had a seizure. I'm wondering if salt is a trigger? I know anxiety is. It wasn't too bad. He recovered quickly and paced a little. His daddy took him outside and walked him around the RV park for about an hour. Vegas got back into the hauler and slept a good portion of the day away. I think Orion went poo 2 times daily consistenly. (over 5 days) Vegas went poo only 4 times the whole time we were there. Poor baby likes his spot in the yard.