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Bulldog mom

New Puppy

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Got a new puppy two days ago. Working on potty training. Her name is Rosie. She is a very interesting color, not typical bulldog color. She has some slight hair loss on her forehead, the breeder gave us Mitaban to put on the affected area. He says its common in bulldogs and clears up in about 6 weeks but I am unable to find any info about it on google. Anybody else have a bulldog with this issue?

I still miss Crumpet like crazy but its nice to have another bully in the house. It is bittersweet to see her toys getting played with and her bed being slept in.
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  1. bullmama's Avatar
    She is beautiful! She is called a "blue brindle" I believe, and is one of my favorite colors.

    Her forhead does look a bit odd with the hairloss, I would recommend getting her vet checked, to be sure.

    I wanted to ask you if you wanted to post this in the forums. Blogging and posting in the forum are two different things, and I just saw this now.

    We have a whole section of site tutorials if you want to see the difference, and I will be happy to guide you through anything you want to know.

    I understand, I think getting a new dog does help heal the loss. I have not met anyone yet who did not feel so much better once they got a new baby in the house. Crumpet will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge, and she is happy there.

    Did you request a free copy of Bill at Rainbow Bridge? You can find the topic in the MEMBERS ONLY board.