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Happy 8th bday to Tinkie!

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I found some of her baby pictures the other day...one where she's sitting in my son's new carseat by the front door LOL. And even today she's just as spicy, barking at n pullin my brother's dog's leg to get him to play with her. Wow! Its hard to believe that my big girl is 8 now. I can still remember the drive out too see her and her crazy,silly antics. She was awesome and I couldnt have made a better choice. As the years have passed she has been there to watch my family grow and she's rolled with the punchs. I didnt know it at the time but Tinerbell was a perfect fit for the rambuctiously sweet boys I had over these years. My boys love her so much and Tinkerbell delights in, not only playing and relaxing with em,but waiting for a dinner scrap once in a while. Our family was completed the day I brought her home and at the time she was only the 2nd 'baby' on board. :D Happy Birthday Tinkie- we love you!!


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    That was awesome! Loved it! Just one question tho- did you mean to put this in blogs or did you want it in the forums?