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Happy 8th bday to Tinkie!

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I found some of her baby pictures the other where she's sitting in my son's new carseat by the front door LOL. And even today she's just as spicy, barking at n pullin my brother's dog's leg to get him to play with her. Wow! Its hard to believe that my big girl is 8 now. I can still remember the drive out too see her and her crazy,silly antics. She was awesome and I couldnt have made a better choice. As the years have passed she has been there to watch my family grow and she's rolled with the punchs. I didnt know it at the time but Tinerbell was a perfect fit for the rambuctiously sweet boys I had over these years. My boys love her so much and Tinkerbell delights in, not only playing and relaxing with em,but waiting for a dinner scrap once in a while. Our family was completed the day I brought her home and at the time she was only the 2nd 'baby' on board. :D Happy Birthday Tinkie- we love you!!


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    That was awesome! Loved it! Just one question tho- did you mean to put this in blogs or did you want it in the forums?