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Today I start my bulldog diary.

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Just to keep track of things, and keep up to date on my babies.

Avoderm + TOTW really is making a nice difference in their coats and appearence. The only one that still has a tear stain problem is Jesse, on her right side. I am wondering if it is something else. I plan on trying the desitin to see if that works. If she just has a "leaky" eye, then we must find a way to keep it dry.

Tidus's eye is back to normal. Thank goodness! This one really scared me.

Yuna may have just 'blown her coat'. Not sure. She still has that scab on top of her head. If it does not go away soon, I must take her in to get that looked at. Otherwise she seems completely healthy. Her coat has grown back and looks great. Could it have been the food I wonder?

I really <3 Avoderm at this point. But I am going to be trying Fromm, this may be my final food test. When I open the dog food container it just smells soooo good. When I pet my dogs I do not get a smelly dog smell on my hands. You just have to see it yourself to believe the change it will make.


  1. ohiostatebulldogs's Avatar
    A Diary is very good! Ive done it for years. Best way to track and give your self a peace of miny...I use a year planner with room to write in every day and i highlight code Meds. Heats. Vet appoinments...ect!!! Once you get used to it and do it everytime you make changes to things you will find yourself less stressed about your Bullies Health!. Again Great Idea!!

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