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Tuesday June 15th 2010 6:15 am

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Just as my alarm was getting ready to go off, Vegas had a seizure. I've mentioned this before, but Vegas sleeps in the bed for this reason alone. I'm wondering if I could have prevented this one. Early this morning, Vegas must have been cold, because he stuck his head under the covers and proceeded to crawl under the covers to the end of the bed. Usually when he does this, I'm awake enough to pull him back up to make sure that his head and nose are uncovered and he's receiving air. (I usually have to wait till I hear snoring, or he will pout and push his way under the covers again) I neglected to do this, so I'm unsure how long he was under the covers and if getting too warm could have triggered the seizure. Usually my husband and I work together to help him thru these, but I was flying solo this morning. I have to use my legs to brace him in an upright position so he doesn't roll onto his back. This happened once, and he ended up with aspiration pnuemonia. This one really took it out of him. After the seizure was over, I wiped his face (if you haven't seen the video of his seizure, he foams at the mouth and the movement of the seizure causes the foam to travel) then I just touched him and talked to him until he started to come around. I have 2 sets of stairs, and his little legs wouldn't cooperate. I managed to get him down the stairs and outside to do his business and get some fresh water. Now he is wandering around unsteady. I think I'm gonna kennel him so he doesn't fall off the couch or something else while I get ready for work. I feel so horrible for leaving him today. Usually on Tuesdays we have his grandma bully-sit him, but she's out of town so he will be home alone. **sigh** I hate this!