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Just my furbabies and me this weekend

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So my man is gone this weekend so it's just the furbabies and me. I never have any issues being alone. I am a very independent person and have no problems entertaining myself. Normally I like to take the dogs somewhere. Loki, my beagle, is a handful so I normally just take her for long walks, the park, stuff like that. Samson I take anywhere that allows me to have a dog basically. I really want to go somewhere with him this weekend but it's supposed to be hot out and I am at a lost at what to do. I know it will be cool at the beach but we are currently fighting an ear infection in Sam's left ear and I don't want him getting sand in his ear, or water. What to do what to do......

Updated 06-11-2010 at 11:29 AM by TessaAndSamson



  1. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Did you find something to do?
  2. TessaAndSamson's Avatar
    Nope, not yet