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Finally a sunny day!

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It's June 5th. Usually in Washington State, we start hitting the good weather. The only thing we've had this year is rain, rain and more rain. What more would you expect from Seattle. The Vampires in Forks should be happy. Last night Vegas had a "ruff" night. I don't know what his problem was, but he was mad at the world. My husband and I went to bed late...when I say late, I actually mean early. 3 am. Maybe he was mad that it was so far past his bedtime. He is usually ready about 10pm. When we got into bed with Vegas right smack dab inbetween us, he would not lay down. He started a low rumbly growl and would not let me sleep. He actually swatted my head with his paw like he was a cat. My husband finally banished him to his kennel. We don't make him sleep in his kennel because of his seizures. We like to know when they are happening so we can help him thru them.
Vegas got up around 8:30 and had a good day. Orion usually likes to play ruff with Vegas, but today Vegas was playing ruff with Orion. He seems to get aggressive before he has a seizure. I'm hoping he was just tired and irritable. It was actually sunny today. It almost hit 70 degrees out.....It seems as if all the normal stores are not carrying the hard plastic pools. Vegas's grandma even looked online and found that people were posting that they were "hard to find". Well, I went to McLendons and found one. Even though is was 8pm, I filled it with water and Vegas jumped right in. O on the other hand isn't sure what the heck the pool is all about. She turns 1 on June 17th......she is so small. She's the size of a Frenchy. She might need help getting into the pool! Hopefully tomorrow will be warm and sunny......but the forcast is calling for rain!


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Where do you live in Seattle? We lived in Port Orchard/Bremerton area for a long time

    When we moved to Arizona everyone told us we must be sick cuz we were so white LOL
  2. Libra926's Avatar
    We live in Orting. It's a little town in between Bonney Lake and Puyallup. It's at the base of Mt. Rainer.
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    Oh I bet it is sooo beautiful there. I miss the trees, but I sure don't miss the rain. Up by the mountain I am sure you see plenty. It has been so long since we lived there, I think I forgot what a real rainy day looks like!

    Here if it does rain- you never get an all day thing. Drizzle here. Drizzle there. Couple of times in the winter we get a good solid few hour rain. Not often tho.

    Then in the summer we get monsoons every afternoon, around 2pm. Big storms of huge wind gusts and lightning that are beautiful, a bit scary tho. They are like hurricaines, except they usually "blow through" and are over in less than an hour. Sometimes trees fall, and even worse- cactus. We have lost 1 cactus that got hit by lightning. Gosh it was soooo loud when it hit, the whole neighborhood went in a tizzy thinking someone's house was hit. Noone knew what or who got hit. 3 days went by, and the arms fell off of my cactus. It cooked from the inside, the outside was still green! When it all fell apart, the inside was completely black and burnt. It was crazy!!!!