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Just another Toad filled day in the desert

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Woke up early this moring to find 2 more toads in our pool. We are so worried one of our bulldogs is gonna ingest the poison from one of them. They are quite beautiful, as they swim gracefully in our pool.

So I had to get them out, but what to do with them? It has been our experience that even if we put them behind the wall or out front, they just come back.

They were extremely difficult for me to get them out. I called my hubby and asked if I should call the fire dept! He said no, just get them out somehow! lol

I found out that if they stay under the water too long they kinda get lethargic and I was able to scoop them up easily after chasing them for about 5 minutes. I put them in a box and they did not even try to jump out. Jumped in the car, since all the kids were still sleeping, and drove up the road about a mile into the vast desert. By the time I opened the box, they had regained their composure and were able to hop easily away into the nearby brush.

I sure hope this does not become a huge problem this summer for us. We may have to take the dogs out on a leash at nighttime, even though our yard is fenced- just to be sure!

Pool+Sonoran Toad= great place to fall in love and have baby toadies :p