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Blue Buffalo Canned Dog Food

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I was feeding my dogs Blue Buffalo Canned dog food 1/3 cup of the Turkey Meatloaf Dinner and 1/3 cup of the chicken and rice with veg.and Fromm dry food, I mixed it together, before I put in the dry food I noticed after adding the 1/3 cup of the Turkey Meatloaf and 1/3 cup of the chicken and rice that there was a 11 1/4 " piece of dental floss in it, I freaked out, I have 11 Dogs, If one of them ate this it would be big trouble. I called Blue Buffalo and told them about it, they want me to send them a picture of the dental floss that I found. I am going to speak with a lawyer about this today, it could have killed one of my dogs if they had swallowed this. I am so upset about this. I will post after I talk to the Lawyer and find out what to do. I wanted all of you to be aware of the canned Blue Buffalo in these 2 flavors, I do not know which one had the dental floss in it because I mixed it up together. Susan


  1. Manydogs's Avatar
    I know it's been a good while-but what was the outcome. Guessing that BB sent you a coupon.....
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