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June 1 2010

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We have upped Vegas's meds and are now on our 3rd week. I haven't been keeping a very good account on his seizure activity, so I'm going to try and start.

We had a pretty busy weekend. We started with a 8 hour drive on Thursday, May 27th. We gave Vegas is seizure meds a little late. Normally 8am and 8pm are the times when they are fed and he is dosed. Since we were on the road, Vegas didn't get his meds until 10am.
Vegas was wishy washy all weekend. Normally he is the bulldog that loves everybully, everybody and every other funny looking dog. Since Orion, his attitude has changed. He seems to be a tad bit more aggressive, even if she is nowhere around.
Last time we went quading, Vegas had a pretty violent seizure. I would say it was a Grand Mal. I decided to give him a diazepam each night to help him settle. He did great all weekend. We drove the 8 hours home on Monday, and both babies got a bath as soon as we got home. We got them fed on time and Vegas was in bed pretty early. I did not give Vegas any Diazepam last night. I figured he was at home and comfortable and did not need the extra meds to help relax him. Tuesday, (today) Vegas and O stayed home with their Grandma. She commented that Vegas was a little ruff with baby O, but they were pretty good for the most part. Tonight, I was folding laundry when I heard Vegas go into the bathroom. We have a little 3 tier glass shelf that we stack extra tp on and a few magazines. Vegas climbed onto the bottom shelf. This was not an easy task for our big boy to complete. I was in between being shocked and amused. I called my husband over to help me get him off the shelf, when I noticed his upper body start to tense up. I finally managed to pull him off the glass shelf, just as a seizure hit him. I have to say that this seizure only lasted about a minute and was not as violent as the last several have been. Maybe the increase in Phenobarbitol was a good idea. After the seizure passed, Vegas took about 3 minutes to regain his composure and trotted off to eat his dinner. No post-icle pacing at all. He settled down in Mark's lap and closed his eyes. Let's hope that he sleeps thru night without side effects from the seizure and without the extra help of a diazepam.


  1. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Kudos to both of you for continuing to care for Vegas and help him through these.