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fur trapping along gum lines?

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Boris had a vet appointment today for another ear infection. While we were in there, we told the vet he had really bad breath but his teeth are good. Apparently, English bulldogs can get fur trapped in the wrinkles inside their mouth and you are supposed to clean those out too! Shocked me as we have had Boris for over 2 years and its never been and issue before. I've read virtually every piece of information I could on EBs and have never heard of this before. Anyways wanted to pass along this bit of information to educate and to also ask has anyone else had this problem with their bully? He's sleeping u der the covers now. Going to the vet was stressful for him!


  1. Chanticocat's Avatar
    Yes, it's one of those things nobody thinks to tell new owners. Many vet techs don't know it either. I've had to tell many owners and a few techs to check there and I always wiped the gum line on a bulldog when bathing client animals.
  2. ccbulldog's Avatar
    Wow...didn't now that...thanks for passing that along!
  3. tsmith0321's Avatar
    Good info! We have a bulldog who is only a year old and her breath is HORRENDOUS! This could be why!!