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The chronicles of a tired person

yay for the weekend :)

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Hi, this is Tate! mommy is taking a nap right now so I'm borrowing her lap top and wanted to write something.

Today mommy took us to Brand Park for some exercise. She said me and my brother need to get some fresh air and exercise. She likes to take us to different places to walk so we don't get bored. I have been to Brand Park before and I like that place. One time I was there and got to meet Buster, his parents, and Ftse's mommy and daddy who were visiting from Australia.

Here are some pictures from that time last year:

-img_5406-jpg -img_5407-jpg -img_5408-jpg -img_5409-jpg

There are lots of people walking very early in the morning already and many of them say HI to me and Finn.

Mommy makes us walk very fast and sometimes I have to stop and rest. There are lots of grassy hills in Brand Park and those are my favorite spots to run and rub my face in!

After our walk we went home and mommy made us breakfast. Today we had my favorite chicken livers with rice! I love it when mommy cooks us our breakfast because it tastes so good and makes the house smell so delicious.

I played outside and then we three played "chase" with the tennis ball I found at the high school the other day. I got tired from all that fun and I took a nap for a couple hours.

I'm so happy it's the weekend because that means I get to spend lots of time with my mommy and brother.


  1. Biogirl71's Avatar
    Sounds like a great weekend, Tate!