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The chronicles of a tired person


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Today didn't go all as planned. My car decided to act up on my way to work this morning, the "check engine" light came on while I drove the freeway. So, I made my way to the service dept. at the Toyota dealership and I had to leave the car there to get checked out. They had a shuttle take me back to work. Luckily, today was half-day for me and also, I was able to get home taking public transportation. There's a metro station right across the street from work so I just got on the train and got home by 1pm-ish.

The boys were happy to have mom home early and I was very happy to see them. We took a little walk around the block and then the two of 'em hung out in the yard for a bit helping mom with the gardening:

Last night Tate felt like rearranging the pillows...he's a very talented interior decorator!