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Bulldog mom


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I find this site to be incredibly difficult to navigate in. For instance, I wanted to add some new photos of Crumpet and when I clicked on the upload photos icon it said my photo size was too big. . .umm, what? I hadn't even selected a photo to upload yet. . . ? ? ?:confused:

but good news, Crumpet is totally adorable!


  1. Bulldogg's Avatar
    Hmmm, could you send me the photo you want to upload so I can see the size? 2mb is the max size, which is an incredibly large photo. E-mail it to me at webmaster@englishbulldognews.com and I will see if I can help
  2. Bulldogg's Avatar
    and crumpet is adorable, what a great name!!
  3. Bulldogg's Avatar
    User album limit is 100MB per album. Found that out as well.

    I have a camera that can take poster size pictures, so I reduce the size to small/medium, and even with that setting mine are usually around 1MB each. This also does not take up so much space on my computer, because I am a photo addict!