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Jennifer Clark

Its been a while

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Ok so I know its been a while but so much has been going on, I recently took on taking care of my parents as well as my MIL and my kids and well you all know anyway my Dad was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and we are doing our best to deal with this new development, I went and traded my Nissan Pathfinder in and got a Chevy Traverse I needed something a little better on gas and this seems to be with room to match. We are also coaching my twins softball team so everyday with everything going on I am thankful for my calm ever present Shelly Bean he helps me deal with everything going on these days. Some days I don't even have time to get in to read stuff. I hardly ever Facebook anymore simply because I there is just too much drama on there for my taste. My Mom's back is broken in three different places and is going to have to go back in to the hospital to have cement put back in place to stabilize her back and hopefully alleviate some of her pain. Daddy had surgery two weeks ago and he is recovering nicely. Its just so much stress. UGH!!!!


  1. dolphin's Avatar
    Hey!! It's great to see you, sorry you've been going through so much. That really is scary about your mom! Hang in there Jenn. A big hug to Shelly Bean from us.
  2. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Thank you Phil its been tough we found out my Daddy has prostate cancer as well as lung cancer so its going to be a rough rocky road we are traveling but I will be by his side the hole way. Momma is having fits because she can't get out and do the things she use to do and coupled with whats going on with Daddy she is stressed and I am trying to take some of that off her. I keep telling them they need a bull dog like Sheldon. He just lets them love all over him and makes them smile and it makes me happy.
  3. dolphin's Avatar
    Sheldon is sunshine in everyone's life!! Im so sorry you're going through this. You and your family are in my prayers.
  4. JennieS's Avatar
    Sending you lots and lots of prayers. I'm sorry to hear of all this stress. Stay positive! Take care of yourself and sweet little Sheldon.
  5. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Sheldon takes care of me @JennieS he is definitely the sunshine in our day. I sincerely can not understand how people can survive without an EB in their life, how is Miss Ruthie by the way?
  6. JennieS's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more

    ahhh Ruthie..LOL. She has been sick. For the past couple of months she had a inter digital cyst, she now has dry eye , an ear infection and just 4 days after i took her to the vet she got a huge cyst that burst on her shoulder that came out of no back to the vet. It's been one thing after another, but I finally think she's right side of healthy. Fingers crossed, she is such a sweet little girl. Did you know we adopted another? Brutus...he's a handful but the biggest lover, but when he's awake it's mayhem. He's always into something, the complete opposite of my sweet Ruthie.
  7. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    No I didn't know! That is awesome! I wish I could adopt another but the MIL keeps putting the breaks on, poo! Of course I would have a houseful if I could LOL....Poor Ruthie give her hugs and muzzies from us hope she is on the up side.