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Pati Robins

Teach you bully new tricks 1-Sit & advanced sit

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I thought im going to write few simple blog posts on how to teach your bully new tricks (by no means im not a dog trainer -im just a stubborn Pole
I think this first few posts -before we go to more difficult stuff will be beneficial to new owners
as a example im going to use Lilly hearing EB and Shy deaf AB cross (So this command can be applied to hearing and deaf dogs - with defies replace command name witch chosen hand signal and add a hand signal before and after the command)

before we learn command "sit" that i think is one of few important one to learn i wanted to give you all some tips: (i will post this in every blog post before actual command )
1) if your bully is food orientated you are in a luck !
2) if your bully does is not food orientated -dont panic ,buy a toy , and use it only for training as a reward - its is dead simple to teach your fur baby to love and be crazy about his new toy - simply wave the ball (or another object) in from of your dog face with a supper cheerful and equally silly voice say " do you want it? " "uuu look at this" etc etc after a while your bully should show great intrest in the toy , when command is performed correctly give this toy play a little tug with your bully-stay very cheerful ,after a minute or two-remove the toy -this will be his reward and only given when you be training
3)start from high value treats before using their regular food -and on the end just give a praise and dont forget to adjust your dog food intake accordingly to the amount of treats given .Least you want is an overweight bully after few months of training -Trust me ive been there and done that -to pie on few pounds is easier than to lose it
4) start your training in a calm environment with as little distractions as possible and when your bully fully got it , increase the amount of distractions for instance backyard , or when your friends are around - do this gradually and over time you bully will have great focus just on you
5) work through play , keep it short but do it often - this will also help to prevent your bully getting bored ,but also it will build a great bond between both of you x
6) no mater how well or bad your bully performed always end on a positive note - this supposed to be fun for him/her and you -not a chore
7)even if your bully cannot do something -dont get stressed or agitated -they can sense it ,give them time and patience -we all know that our babies are not the brightest sparks

Ok back to the command no 1 "SIT" in 3 easy steps

1) take a treat or a toy that you know your dog will like , and hold it on the end of his nose so he gets interested in it , but do not let him touch it, say command SIT (or sign the command )
2) Slowly move the treat up but not too high and "over his head" As your dog’s head goes back to follow the treat, his bum has to go down
3) When his bottom touches the ground give your bully the treat and with a cheerful voice say well done sit well done (i always like to repeat myself just to make sure ) Repeat this a lot until the dog sits as soon as you hold the treat and say Sit

from my experience your bully should get it in less than 10 minutes
Remember: dont offer the treat if your bully tries to jump to get it

"Advanced sit"

You need to teach an advanced sit. It is the command that gives you most control. Get him to sit every day of his life in as many situations as possible. Putting down his food, putting his lead on, while you open the door, at the kerb, while greeting people. If it's an excitable siuation, like greeting people, have a titbit on his nose and let him nuzzle it to keep him there. If he's sitting he can't be jumping up.It's the most neglected training of all. Because 99% of puppies will sit, most people don't bother with training the sit further. You need to train him to sit, in a normal tone of voice, 100% of the time in every situation and to stay there until he is released. It won't happen overnight and will take lots of patience.
For example: Opening the door.
Put him on the lead and tell him to sit. Start to open the door. Immediately he gets up, shut the door and wait for him to sit again (you probably won't need to give the command again). Repeat and repeat until you can open the door without him moving. The only thing you have to say is 'Sit'. You can quietly say' That's a good sit'. Keep relaxed all the time. Say nothing if he moves. Not only are you getting control over him, he is learning self-control. Same rule applies when visitors come around xx



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    great info and LOVE that face~