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Pati Robins

Bulldog daily check up

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Hi guys even tho i posted this on the forum , i thought im going to put this on my blog for easy access
i thought i share with you what i have always done with my girls -what i like to call "bulldog mini check up "

1) nose -even tho most bulldogs have a naturally dry nose make sure it is not cracking ,make sure nose rope is clean and doesn't smell (this could indicate yeast infection)

2) eyes -they should be nice clear eyes with no gunk ,redness or swelling- if you notice any redness or inflammation it could be signs of allergy or infection

3) ears
- clean and odour free ears are a sign of a healthy bully -we clean them once a week ,but check their general condition daily -ears full of wax ,smelly or red could be sign of infection ,allergy ,or mites

4) gums - gums of your bully should be pink -if you notice them going pale contact your vet -pale gums are indication that something isn't right - it could be nothing serious but worth checking

5) chin -oh the bully chin -make sure it is dry at all times ,not red with no signs of acne

6) wrinkles and folds
-the big 3 : check daily ,wipe clean & keep them dry

7) skin and coat -bully coat should be soft and shiny , skin free from "flakes" , spots and hotspots , check for any lumps and bumps ,also don't forget checking for any signs of fleas and ticks Daily brushing will help keep those stray hair at bay ,

8) " bits and bobs "
check ALL intimate areas and wipe clean daily -most of bulldogs if not all cant clean themselves , check for any signs of redness and spots , any unusual discharge . If your bully got a tail pocket don't forget to wipe it clean ,once in a while your bully anal glands might need expressing if you cant do it yourself make sure you have suitable person who will take care of this stinky business ;-)

9) paws -check in between paws for any redness ,cysts ,also pads for any cuts and splinters ,make sure your bully nails are trimmed

10 ) weight -chubby bully is an unhealthily bully -monitor your dog weight , you need to feel the ribs with GENTLE pressure not see them ,bullies also should have waist ;-)