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Jennifer Clark


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As sports start up my calender quickly fills up as I have one child that plays sports year round. My son plays football for the junior high and my one twin plays softball only and then there is my youngest twin she plays softball, football and wants to do tae kwon do they all will be taking tae kwon do but she is the one that would play every sport I think. What bugs me is I can't take Sheldon with me they have made it so that you can't bring your pets which I think stinks but I understand that not everyone is conscious of picking up after their pet. I just wish I could take him because he loves it so much and kids loves him but on the other hand I'm not sure I want a bunch of adults petting my boy when I don't know where their hands have been. Such confusion. I need to add another rule to Sheldon's Rules. He hates turkey, he will eat it but he doesn't like it he leaves his food all day until he is just too hungry then he eats it I think it hurts his tummy because he has had terrible gas and worse it lingers like a cloud of nerve gas. So back to the beef it is. I don't think he likes his new bowls either. I bought him some new Stainless Steel bowls both water and food and I don't think he likes them at all. I really thought he would like the bigger water bowl but it appears he doesn't or he doesn't like where they are now because the MIL moved them again and it has caused his OCD to act up so he may be staging a protest. We will be giving the turkey to the German Shepherd across the road. I'm certain he will appreciate it! I think my neighbor should be feeding him a better food than what he is he needs a food that has chondroitin in it because he has a problem with his back leg when its cold he limps a lot on it. If the MIL wasn't such a stickler for no big dogs I'd beg to take him. He is such a sweet boy. He needs a family one that has kids and he can play with because he just loves kids. My neighbor hardly even gets out there and messes with him unless he is feeding him or giving him water. Makes me feel so bad for him.


  1. bullmama's Avatar
    Just saw this, how are you Jennifer? I bet the German Shepard loves you, so very thoughtful of you.

    How's all the sports going? I bet you are so busy with back and forth to everything, I sure miss you. My son started working this winter and is now up to 5 days a week so I am back and forth, I bet you enjoy watching the kids play, you must be always so proud! Hope Sheldon is doing well and adjusting to the new schedule.