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Jennifer Clark

Busy Week

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Well this week has been so busy, my week started out getting my son and his friend back in school and back on the football team, then I had to call a doctor to get my mother in to see one that cared because her current one sure as heck didn't he wouldn't even put her in a work in spot. My mother is 80 years old and is coughing like she had bronchitis or pneumonia this scares me elderly people die from this. So I called the doctor that is in the same building as my childrens and he saw her and was absolutely wonderful caring and warm exactly what I knew he would be. Same day I had my Mom in took my mother in law in for a migraine that afternoon called and rescheduled a previous appointment to Thursday. Wednesday I had my Grandniece plus 8 loads of laundry and cleaning I had to do and I had to stay on Sheldon because he kept trying to take one of the baby toys my niece had that he had taken a fancy to but he loved her and she loved him and kept reaching for him every time he walked away. She would make a noise and he would get up and go back to her. This baby is five months old. I was lucky Thursday I didn't have anything all day till 5 and today Friday well I thought I had things I was going to get done turns out can't do that because the husband either didn't turn the paper work in to have his check DD or they are really taking their time doing it.
As of the yesterday my Mom and my MIL are feeling much better.


  1. DudleysMom's Avatar
    Geez, you need a good weekend girl! Take a minute and put your feet up...yeah, like that will happen!
  2. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Yup but your right that won't happen! I wish just for one day someone would take care of me.