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Jennifer Clark

The New Year

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Here we are a couple days before the new year and I am so excited to see this year go. It has been a terrible year full of heartbreak and hardships and......I lived through it!! Things are all ready looking better for next year and I hope it stays on that track. My Sheldon is healthy as well as my skin kids they have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, food in their bellies and a great many toys, crayons and coloring books, and electronics to play on. I make them thank the Lord everyday for the things they have and for their family and pray for those who have less than they do and maybe even share. Sheldon was telling on his skin sister today. She wouldn't let him in his chair and he was telling on her. He came over and jumped up on the side of the couch and whined a little and looked over at his skin sissy! Then went over and looked at his sister like he was saying "Sisser let me in the chair its my chair" he through himself a bulldog size fit, rolling around on the floor growling whining and barking because Sisser would let him in the chair with her and wouldn't you know it my phone was dead so I couldn't get video and I don't know how to use the camera on my laptop yet to do video. He is rotten. Love my family!!!


  1. Manydogs's Avatar
    Ha!ha! Sheldon KNOWS what Sheldon WANTS!! Shame on Sissy!!
  2. dolphin's Avatar
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Somehow I can picture him doing this. They sure are spoiled!
  3. 2BullyMama's Avatar
    That is good stuff..
  4. bullmama's Avatar
    I think Sheldon speaks English
  5. DudleysMom's Avatar
    I totally believe they know every word we say, what it means and all of the nuances! Sheldon knew exactly what he was doing...he was definitely tattle tailing!
  6. Sheena's Avatar
    Oh my goodness! He is just too funny. I swear to Matt so often that Daisy is more human than dog.. Our bullies are just way too smart!!! I so would of love to see that
  7. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    He tattles on anyone sitting in his chair and won't let him in it. I'll get video of it next time its just too funny!