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Jennifer Clark

Christmas season

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Here we are in the Christmas season. We need to keep in mind those people who are less fortunate than we are. Those who have no roof no food no love in their life. We are fortunate to have all of these things in our lives and by the Grace of God we will have them in the new year. When my husband lost his job suddenly I wondered what we were going to do about Christmas because we relied heavily on his Christmas bonus to get the kids their big Christmas presents. I wondered what we were going to do about the bills. All has been provided for. We have all of the kids Christmas and even a few that we hadn't planned for. We have been blessed. Now the great part he found a job doing what he loves. Driving truck, home every night and weekends. Exactly what he was looking for. Don't get me wrong there is anger below the surface but I keep that in check with a few muzzies from my Shelly Bean and hugs from my kids. I look into their bright eyes and it gives me a reason every day to smile. Loving the shine.


  1. DudleysMom's Avatar
    Have a most joyful Christmas!
  2. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DudleysMom
    Have a most joyful Christmas!
    I most certainly plan on it and you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and New Year!!!
  3. bullmama's Avatar
    Very nice words Jennifer!
  4. 2BullyMama's Avatar
  5. Jennifer Clark's Avatar
    to everyone!!!